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I haven’t touched a blog in over a year and I think part of the reason for that was that the branding felt a little too self-serious and personally important to me (tied up so specifically with the writing projects I had going on at the time). the other part of course is that I’m habitually distracted away from things like “introspection” or “deliberate thought” or other qualities necessary to a blog post that isn’t just copy-pasting the last YouTube link I was looking at.

but the thing about that is that I also want it to feel OK if my blog post is just the latest YouTube link I was looking at, and I want to not feel like every post should be either a) an at least semipolished work of fiction, or b) a fully polished academic essay in miniature. I don’t take the stuff that seriously in my own brain, it’s just hard to push past my trained-by-positive-reinforcement-since-childhood tendency to write like I’m still trying to please my AP English teacher(s) with impressive sentence structure and a STRONG THESIS STATEMENT

so here’s a place where I will dump whatever thought about whatever, in the interest of clarifying myself to myself in semi-public view since that way I can theoretically be held accountable instead of just having an incoherent argument in my own head and assuming it’d all read like gangbusters if anyone else had happened to be listening via psychic projection

OK cool thanks I love you

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