my ereader is nice

so earlier this week I went to cancun with my wife and some other family and basically spent the whole trip laying around reading books. (picked some real nice lazy beach reads, light stuff like the handmaid’s tale)

the best part about this was that I just purchased a new premium ereader — a kobo, which is bigger than the kindles (7.8″ which is basically a family-fun-pack size for one of these gadgets) plus very waterproof and with a neat backlight that can adjust the amount of blue/red light

which only improves what’s already the best thing about ereaders, which is that reading them is so much fundamentally closer to paper than reading off the screen of my slow-ass Kindle 8 or my tiny-ass-in-this-context Pixel 2.

but the real best thing about it is that they’re single-purpose. now I love my smartphone and how I can use it for podcasts and music and browsing and tweeting and playing freecell and translating stuff and uh checking my google wifi health? (oh and phone calls), that’s fine, but it makes it the proverbial master of none, whereas an ereader gets to be custom engineered to be good solely for reading.

which means: super-optimized battery, optimized UI, optimized screen use for reading, optimized tools (fonts/margins/etc), optimized for weight and comfortable one-hand use

kobo aura one

(also I love how, unlike my old Nook or Kindle, on this one the book cover gets shown when it’s sleeping, it’s like it wants to be a real boy/book!)

and I like having paid a bit of a premium to get the nicest versions of these things. like my old nook is something you can buy for like $20 if you want these days, but I have one that makes reading a true pleasure and gets me as close as possible to a paper experience with the convenience of a thing I can slip in my pocket or accidentally drop into water (or intentionally like I did just to freak out my mother in law in cancun) without interrupting the reading experience

anyway. I’m sure the kindle oasis is nice too. just something to be said for owning a device that does one thing, and does it extremely well. that’s a fun rarity amid all our cluttered multipurpose gadgetry

(the real reason I wrote this is that gizmodo’s completely terrible review of kobo’s latest model was, well, terrible and so bizarre that it just about single-handedly spurred me to research and eventually buy a kobo. so uh, take that gizmodo? I dunno they’re fine I just think that review sucks)

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