harry gregson-williams ruined me

i think most of my fundamental issues as a writer and storyteller are tied to the fact that when I think of things that really moved me emotionally in my past, I end up trailing back to fucking metal gear solid of all things

which as I reflect on it is probably much less to do with the overwrought, strange, silly writing and plotting and much more to do with HGW’s scores, which are iconic and evocative and stirring beyond anything the games ever possibly earned

like holy shit listen to this:

metal gear solid is a video game series where you play as this very sculpted set of buttocks

these dumbass goofy games do not deserve this shit, but now their dumbass slo-mo drama is forever tangled in my mind with this kind of musical brilliance. this is unfair to me personally, metal gear. how dare you

(though OK they’re pretty good games, and “i need scissors! 61” is still maybe my favorite and most mind-warping moment in video games, far surpassing the also-excellent and infamous “would you kindly” moment from bioshock)

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