quick note on louis ck

since I wrote that thing about comedy I felt like posting this here. it was an email I sent in direct response to this news story and the other peripheral cultural detritus surrounding CK’s surprise return set.

twitter has been all over this but regardless of the content of his set, honestly, how dare he assume that less than a year out it would be acceptable for him to spring himself upon an audience who did not ask for him

sounds like it was deeply uncomfortable for many of the women in attendance, and understandably so

this whole thing with “when do the victims of #metoo get to reclaim their status, the poor souls?!!?!” bugs me so much. no one has a right to fame and social status; those who lose it by being awful human beings do not deserve nor do they need a path to redemption that involves them getting back their crowns. louis CK can go work at a retail store or as a real estate agent the rest of his life for all I give a shit; and what would be so terrible about that, living like an ordinary person without fame and fortune, unless it’s compared to the position of power that he explicitly abused in order to abuse women

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