ha I almost titled this page About Us. WE ARE LEGION

anyway, I’m Chuck but go by kybard on the parts of the internet where you go by something. (“kybard” originated in a dilbert comic strip, but to be clear, that comic and the dude who writes it suck hard)

I used to blog on this webpage but stopped because I got bored and built it poorly and don’t focus well. then I built this webpage on a whim which I’m sure will lead to great long-term success

I work in digital project management and lord knows you can figure out where I work but that work has no affiliation with this blog; I got an MFA in creative writing and published some translated poems, and an article about Walmart that I believe is locked behind a paywall somewhere; one time I made an Android game; there are probably more than a few embarrassing artifacts of me across the Internet these days, but “embarrassing” is a pretty relative term these days now isn’t it

my facebook is pretty private; my twitter is not; generally speaking my social media BRAND QUALITY ranges from poor to none